Fujikura VISTA PRO Wood 0.335


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NEW 2021 Fujikura VISTA PRO  Wood 0.335

BERAT SHAFT yang di lapak ini adalah 55gram.
Panjang mentah Un Cut 46 ins

Shaft Performance Characteristics
Completely redesigned for 2021, the Vista Pro line of woods offers Golfers an updated and balanced profile in an easy-to-fit lineup that will accommodate every golfer and swing-type.

Crafted with new designs and the latest materials, this performance-driven, flighted line delivers specific performance attributes based on weight and flex. Vista Pro Woods are flighted lines designed with specific performance characteristics based on weight and flex.

Lighter weights provide higher launch and more spin to improve carry distance while heavier weights will generate a mid-launch with moderate spin.


*Incorporates many of the learnings from Ventus and VeloCore Technology.
*Features a new multi-material bias core improving overall consistency and feel.
*Removed smaller plies of material and incorporated stronger, full-length materials creating a smoother, balanced profile.

Even lighter, lightweight models with improved stability were created through stronger and lighter materials in a multi-material bias core.

A lightweight and proprietary paint technique that optimizes weight savings (up to 6 grams) in paint and clear coats applied to the structure.

40 Ton Carbon Fiber
The multi-material core is crafted with full-length, 40 Ton Carbon Fiber for ultimate stability.

Maximum Carbon Fiber Content Phantium
Provides greater stiffness and strength compared to a standard/conventional material at a similar weight.

Barang dijamin 100% baru Dan Original.

Stok tersedia: harap kirim pesan untuk memastikan flex pilihan anda tersedia!

Additional information

Dimensions10 × 10 × 47 in

45, 55, 65, 75


R1, R2, R3, S