NSPro Modus 3 WEDGE Taper Tip 355T” Steel Golf Shaft


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Ns Pro Modus 3 WEDGE Taper Tip 355T” Steel Shaft

Lapak ini khusus untuk tipe NSPRO Modus 3 Wedge!, bukan modus 3 tour biasa yang panjang shaft utk #wedge. Silahkan di google website resminya NSPRO utk detailnya

TIDAK ADA PILIHAN FLEX kl untuk modus 3 WEDGE, melainkan pilihan berat. 125 yang paling Stiff, dibawahnya ada 115 dan yg lebih soft yg 105.

Based on our masterpiece N.S.PRO WV, which was designed exclusively for wedges and thoroughly refined for operational case, as well as feedback from PGA tour players, Nippon Shaft crafted a new steel shaft for wedges that offers first class short game performance. N.S.PRO’s proprietary wall thickness adjustment technology contributes to
high-level stability (in terms of spin and direction) while MHT (Multi Heat Treatment) technology, our cutting-edge heat treatment for modus 3 series shafts, delivers the comfortable feeling you expect of shortgame gear.

Improved operability via “feeling” control Through MHT technology,
we can freely control the feeling of every section of the shaft. This
empowered us to painstakingly enhance performance and achieve
the ideal feeling for confident wedge shots

Closer-to-pin shots through high stability These shafts are
characterized by low trajectory, less variable spin and excellent
directional stability. Players can enjoy more confident approaches
with optimized performance that closely matches their imagined

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105, 115, 125


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